Cartoons of the 1960’s
The Looney Tunes
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The Looney Tunes is a american animated televison series that aired from 1930 to 1969, produced by Spike Brandt, Tony Cervone, Matt Danner. The main characters of the show was the two rommate Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. In the looney Tunes their were about 30 characters.The Looney Tunes was the first marking Looney Tunes cartoon to be rated TV-PG .The show's plots are more adult-oriented than has been seen in past Looney Tunes shows, such as dating, love triangles, employment, and rooming. This gives the show more of a sitcom feel than previous Looney Tunes series.

The Jetsons

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The Jetsons is a animated sitcom that was showed on abc and aired part-time from 1962 to 1963. It was produced Hanna-Barbera.The main characters of The Jetsons were , George, Jane, Judy, Elroy and Astro Jetson. Rosie the robot and Mr. Spacely.The Jetsons was showed to show people the opposite of the Flintstones.While the Flintstones live in a world with machines powered by birds and dinosaurs, the Jetsons live in a futuristicutopia in the year 2062 (or 100 years into the future at the time)of elaborate robotic contraptions, aliens, holograms, and whimsical inventions.

The Flintstones
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The FlintStones is a animated , part-time American television sitcom. The Flintstones aired from September 30, 1960 to April 1, 1966 on abc.The Fintstones was also shared a made to show the opposite of the jetsons to show the stone age life and not the future side.The show is set in the Stone Age town of Bedrock. (In some of the earlier episodes, it was also referred to as "Rockville"). In this fantasy version of the past, dinosaurs, saber-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths, and other long-extinct animals co-exist with cavemen.


Rocky and Bullwinkle

external image randb.jpgProduced by Jay Ward Productions and Alex Anderson, Aired from November 19, 1959 to June 27, 1964 on theABC andNBC television networks.The two main characters of the show is a moose name Bullwinkle and a flying squirrelas name Rocky.Rocky & Bullwinkle were created in the late 1940s and his partner . The producers was also creators of Crusader Rabbit, the first animated program made specifically for television. An unused show idea called "The Frostbite Falls Revue" and that was the first view of moose and squirrel.

By: Ashari Allen 2012