Motown Music

Found 1959By: Charlisa Goodlet

Located in Detroit, Michigan founded by Berry Gordy on April 14, 1959
Name originates from Motor Town the nick name of Detroit.

It's easy for us to forget how much Motown influence America during the sixties. From The Temptations to Stevie Wonder we look back at music now and see how much time has changed. Motown Influenced the culture of whites and black, in more ways than one. We all came together in segregated America for music. Motown's music was indeed one thing that put us all on the same page. So take a stroll down memory lane and experience it for yourself.

The Temptations "My Girl"
Number one hit single charted in 1964

The Marvelettes "Please Mr. PostmanNumber one single charted in 1961

Stevie Wonder "Fingertips"Number one single charted in 1963

Pictures of Motowns artist: These artist below were of the earlier Motown. Did you know the earlier Motown was to be name Tammy Records? Since the name Tammy was already used Motown was called Tamla. When you look back at it now all the talents will forever be known under the name Motown. The name fits perfect with the Location of Hitsville U.S.A the first Motown headquarters.

The "Motown Sound" : A Mixture of Pop and Soul genres......................
Caroline Crawford: "Forget About Me" (1963)

Caroline Crawford: "Forget About Me" (1963)

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The Messengers: "California Soul" (1967)

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The Mircacles: "Shop Around" (1960) Motowns first million-selling record

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The Elgins: "Heaven Must Have Sent You" (1966)

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQWXrwLgF5EwK-kKBcW8AXnOzP1UvBB88KCGM_A_NAqVYa2HqXj
Debbie Dean: "Don't Let Him Shop Around" (1961) Motowns first White Artist

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