NFL Football in the 1960's Donnivon Dodd

During the 1960's many changes have been made with the equpiment in the NFL. Changes have been made because of how advanced technology has become. The changes protect players better, and help them accelerate plays during a football game. With the advancement of technology, equipment has also been upgraded. During the 1960's, equipment was not as modern as it is today. Their also wasn't many African American NFL football players.
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The first African American NFL player in the 1960's
His name is Ernie Davis. He became the first African-American selected first overall in an NFL draft. The Washington Redskins drafted him in 1962 and traded his rights to the Cleveland Browns. Tragically, Davis died of leukemia before ever getting to showcase his talents in the NFL. 1964 NFL Highlights

Helmet ProtectionFootball players wore leather helmets for protection of their neck, and head. The helmets were reinforced with padding to attempt to protect the player from head injuries such as concussions. Helemets are now much bigger and lighter, due to technological advances. The helmet is used as a weapon to block and tackle other football players. Players used their helmets to stop other players and the results can be bad either for the blocker or tackler as well as the recipient. A player who tackles or blocks with his head can put him with injuries that can leave him paralyzed for life.

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Shoulder PadsShoulder pads are great uses for protecting the playes shoulders and top chest area. They were made to protect from hard hits, blocks, and tackles. The shoulder pads were made from leather. They were very heavy making the player work even harder to make plays. Shoulder pads now are much bigger and lighter protecting the player and helping him get ahead in plays.

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Knee Pads

Knee pads are used to protect the players knee and help them accelerate while they are making plays. The knee pads also helps the player from bones breaking in their knees, and injury to the skin as they hit the ground. Knee pads also comfort the knee during football plays.
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Mouth GuardsMouth guards are used to protects the players teeth, tongue and gums. A good mouth guard can go as far as protecting a player from a concussion. The mouth guard is molded to the players teeth providing a good way from heavy blows to their head, biting of the tongue, and breaking of their teeth. They were much bigger than what they are today. With advanced technology mouth guards are much small to where you can slip them into your mouth and they adjust perfect and comfortably to you teeth.
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