1960's Television shows

Television during the 1960's brought many different types of genres into the spotlight. Sitcoms became a popular genre during this time. Sitcom interprets to "situation comedy". A lot of sitcoms also introduced new things that were never done before. People mostly watched televison for entertainment series and specials during prime time. During the 1960's, many shows rose to the top of the charts and added to the list of America's most iconic television shows.
List of some iconic American television shows during the 1960's:

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I Love Lucy
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( Lucille Ball, First picture; Second picture (middle); Third picture (far right))
  • Aired October 15, 1951- May 6, 1957
  • 6 seasons, 194 episodes (including the Christmas and Originial Pilot episodes)
  • Sitcom
  • Original Channel - CBS
  • Lucille Ball as "Lucy"

What made it an iconic show?

The "I Love Lucy" show was and still is a very popular sitcom show. The show is about a woman who tries to become a star along with her husband, who is a band leader. She gets into strange situations on her path to stardom. This was the first show that shown a married couple sleeping in the same bed. It won several Emmys awards and nominated for many.

The show was nominated for many categories and won several Emmys awards for:

Best Situation Comedy, 1952
Best Situation Comedy, 1953, 1954
Best Written Comedy Material: Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh Davis, Robert G. Carroll, 1955
Best Comedienne, Lucille Ball, 1953
Best Situation Comedy, 1955
Best Series Supporting Actress, Vivian Vance, 1954
Best Comedy Writing: Jess Oppenheimer, Madelyn Pugh Davis, Bob Carroll Jr., Bob Schiller, Bob Weiskopf for the episode "L.A. At Last", 1956
Best Actress – Continuing Performance, Lucille Ball, 1956

"I Love Lucy" TV Commercial ; "I Love Lucy Chocolate Factory episode

The Flintstones

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  • Aired September 30, 1960- April 11, 1966
  • 6 original series, 1 revived series; 166 episodes
  • Sitcom
  • Original Channel- ABC; now airing on Cartoon Network/ Boomerang

What made it into an iconic show?

The setting of this sitcom was placed during the Stone Age. The story was about a working man's life. It got popular and many views from the modern day concerns in the setting that it was placed in.

Nielsen's Ratings:

  • 1960–1961: #18 (24.3 rating)
  • 1961–1962: #21 (22.9 rating)
  • 1962–1963: #30 (20.5 rating)

( The Flintstones opening and closing credits and clip of an episode)

I Dream of Jeannie

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  • Aired on September 18, 1965- May 26th, 1970
  • 5 seasons; 139 episodes
  • Fantasy/sitcom
  • Original channel - NBC

What made it an iconic show?

"I Dream of Jeannie" is about a 2,000 year old genie who was found by an astronaut. The astronaut becomes her master and they eventually fall in love. The story itself made it popular and Jeannie's costume/ bikini top was very revealing for its time.;

The Brady Bunch

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What made it an iconic show?

This sitcom was about a man and a woman who fell in love and each had children of their own. The man had three sons and the woman had three daughters. The show revolves around the problems the family shares while trying to connect and the family time they share. In the end, they blend in as a family. The appeal of the show and the "iconic family" traits helped raised the ratings after each new episode.

(first and second)


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  • Aired on September 17, 1964- July 01, 1972
  • 8 seasons; 254 episodes
  • Fantasy/ sitcom
  • Original channel- ABC

What made it an iconic show?

This sitcom is about a witch who marries an ordinary human man and tries to live a normal life. This sitcom became popular for its story. The black and white film format ended in 1966 but the color format continued until 1972. The show lasted 8 years.


Addams Family

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  • Aired on September 18, 1964- April 8, 1966
  • 2 seasons; 64 episodes
  • Fantasy sitcom based off the characters in Charles Addam's New York cartoons
  • Original channel- ABC

What made it an iconic show?

The story of this sitcom is about a how a loving strange family interact with each other and the outside world. It is one of pop culture iconic figure of 1960s television.The show never ranked in top 20 programs.
Season 1 (1964–1965): #22
Season 2 (1965–1966): Not in the Top 30


60 Minutes

external image 6a00d83451ca1469e201347f9a2cdc970c-piexternal image 60minutes.jpgexternal image image.jpg
  • Aired September 24, 1968- Present
  • As of 2011, there are 43 seasons
  • Investigation series
  • Original channel- CBS

What makes it an iconic show?

This show started off as a CBS news magizine. It's iconic for all of the cases and people interviewd on the show. The show is based on realistic investigations and it still runs today. 60 Minutes has won 95 Emmy awards as of September 26, 2011. It never ranked in the top 30's during the 1960's. (