Vogue Magazine in the 1960's


  • Vogue was founded in 1892 by Arthur Baldwin Turnure in New York City.
  • It started out during the great depression as a small biweekely publication in 1910 and then in 1973 it expanded to monthly. It is now a huge succes, that is worldwide and sells in nine international countries, such as America, Australia, Brazil, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, and Spain.
  • Vogue is a magazine that shows reprensatation of different arts like music,writings, and protraits by artists.
  • Also vogue expresses their pictures through culutural factors and fashion trends.
  • The look for Vogue Magazine was very elegant and classy because this was a time where women had respect for themselves and their outer appearance spoke for them. What is so unique about the look for vogue in the 1960's is it was inspired by movies and it was a more older look but not Provocative or too revealing.
  • Vogue magazine is known as fashion's model. What made it different from other magazines was it didnt focus only on fashion but events that were occuring at that time. For example, the civil rights movement.n Also in the 1960s vogue began looking for more skinny petite models instead of shapely models.
  • Diana Veerland editor and chief for 8 years inspired a dreamy look for vogue by having the photo shoots in luxury places like india, Egypt, and the far east. In 1974 Beverly Johnson was the first african American to be on the cover of vogue magazine. Vogue magazine today is similar and different in many ways considered to the 1960s, But I think it was way more interesting back then.